28 March 2013

Two Weeks

Today is the second weekiversary(!) of the publication of Due Diligence. There should be a better word for it than that, if you know of one please let me know. I promise to use it extensively.
A red letter day, plenty of cause for celebration, should bring meaning into all our Thursdays from now on.
What did we do to celebrate?
Published another book, of course. No, it didn't take me two weeks to write this one, about a year if you must know. Proceeds of Crime is the second Jenny Parker novel and is twice as good as the first. Reason? I've had a lot more practise both at writing thrillers and telling Jenny's story.
It would be really great to be able to tell you to expect the third book in a fortnight's time but it'll take a bit longer for me to finish Limited Liability. After that? Well, I've written the first chapter of a new series but am waiting to see what my publisher thinks of it.
There may be more than three Jenny Parker novels, a lot depends on how or if she comes out of Limited Liability in a fit state to carry on.
A few blogs ago, I intimated that there was more to our marketing strategy than a few blog posts and a bit of twittering. I also revealed that 11 April is the day that Due Diligence will be officially published. After 11 April, the fun will begin in earnest, I promise.
Meanwhile, Proceeds of Crime is an essential part of the process. Promoting two books is much more efficient than a single one. Having the sequel to Due Diligence makes a lot of sense.
Another thing. I promised to tell you a bit more about reviews and how we got on with the one with the spoiler in it.
The answer, in short, is nowhere. Amazon write polite letters of sympathy but decline to do anything. All we can do is hope that we get enough other reviews to make the awkward one disappear. I also left a nice comment asking him to change the one word that causes the problem. I'm really grateful to anyone who does a review, I really believe that this guy was being genuine but lacked experience.
If you have bought Due Diligence, please do a review. I'll be very grateful and also very happy as long as you don't include any plot spoilers.
 If you haven't bought it yet, here it is: