31 October 2011

Passage to India

One more sleep then I'll be in India, or at least on my way.  Then I'll spend a good few days trying to work out what time it is before I realise it doesn't matter, I'm still tired.

Today, I need to complete my packing.  I have decided to take one suitcase and a rucksack.  The idea of the rucksack is to keep at least one hand free for swatting things as I drag my suitcase behind me like a gypsy caravan.

Packing to date has resulted in a case half full of medical items.  I have bug cream, bug spray, bug repellant, bug bite soother, bug bite antiseptic cream and anti-itch lotion.  I am expecting there to be insects.  Just a hunch of mine.  We don't have many insects in England, they must all be somewhere hot and crowded.  My bet is India.

There are also tablets of various kinds, just in case I feel a bit woozy.  I've got more or less everything bar laxatives.  I have another hunch that constipation might not be one of the higher risk conditions.

There seems little room for clothes, but I'm only there for a couple of weeks and it's reputed to be hot so I'll not really need much in the way of clothes.  Of course I'll take a warm coat and a jumper, there's no point being foolhardy.

It has been suggested that I might do well to take a hat.  Now, I did have one but I gave it to my son.  It lit up so you could find your way in the dark.  Perfect for pub toilets, according to my son.  I have no idea of the prevalence of street lamps where I'm going.

That's the great thing about this adventure.  I have only a very vague idea of what to expect.  My need to have everything safe and predictable is being sorely tested.  I am way outside my comfort zone.

That's the whole point.