15 August 2013

Why Write?

Open Circle Publishing

Writing is important to me, as you may already have realised from reading previous posts. You will also be aware, in that case, that Open Circle is being developed in order to support both readers and writers.

We were having a discussion about why people write and came to an interesting conclusion.

Ask a writer why they write and you might get answers along the following lines:
I write because I want to be a best selling author
I write because I have something to tell the world
I write because I love telling stories
I write because there's something inside me that wants to be heard
I've always wanted to write

I believe there's a common thread that links all writers, though. If I stop to consider carefully, I realise that writing helps me feel whatever it is I'm experiencing. Whether I'm writing a blog, a short story or a novel, writing connects me to myself, helps me to become aware of how I am. In a nutshell, writing is an important process in my own personal development.
Put simply, writing makes me feel better than I would feel without writing. It may ultimately be making me a better person, able to enjoy life more fully.
So, at Open Circle we believe that writing is good for you.
What we want to do is encourage people to write. A good way of doing this, we think, is by sharing the journeys and processes of other writers.
So, tell us your story. Let us know where you're at, where you've come from, what you need to make the next step, how writing changes you.
Email us at info at opencirclebooks.com.
We're looking forward to hearing from you.