13 March 2011

Writing and Chickens

I have been telling anyone who might be interested, and many that aren't, how easy it is to get published these days. All you have to do, I tell them, is to upload your book to Kindle and there it is. Published. You are an author, not only a writer. Easy.

A friend from the writers circle who has heard me pronounce on this matter emailed me for more details. He also asked me how many of my own novels had I published in this way. This might seem a reasonable question, but it only served to confirm to me that I was at it again. By that I mean telling everyone else what to do without actually doing any of it myself.

My reply to his question was as follows:

"Technical Difficulties (250,000 words) has been edited, needs to be rewritten then re-edited, then rewritten again, then copy edited then submitted then published."

So there, that's that, a long way off. Years and years.

Or is it?

It's been about a year since I finished the first draft and had the editorial comments back. My first instinct was to get on with fiddling around with it, what I actually did was start a new project, Due Diligence, which is nearing completion. More by luck than judgement, this seems to be the recommended way. Letting the first draft settle and mature allows a more considered approach to the rewrite, it seems.

So, thanks to Alan for kicking me into gear. I will finish the DD first draft then back to TD with a vengeance. I can feel the enthusiasm building. It's going to be awesome.

Which brings me to chickens.

If it hadn't been for the infectious enthusiasm of my daughters, I might have continued to play safe, take the easy way, do nothing. As it is with chickens, so it goes with writing.
The chickens are on their way, so are the books.