18 March 2013

Marketing Update

If you sign up for this blog I'll be letting you in on the closest guarded secrets of the publishing industry.
How much money can be made from publishing?
How much can be earned from my first published novel?

Watch this space for a day by day financial update!

This is the link to Due Diligence on Amazon.

Some of you have already bought it. Others haven't yet invested the £2 it takes to join in this exciting publishing venture. Don't worry, there's still time, just click on the link above and then remember to come back here when you're done.
Good, you're back safely. Buying Due Diligence will do two things. First, you've now got a really good thriller to read. Second, you are one of the key statistics that will determine how we can all sell books in the future.
While this experiment is proceeding, I'll let you into a secret. This isn't at all what I want to do. Writing the occasional blog post is fine. I usually wait until I have something to say that feels important. Now that Due Diligence is coming up to official publication day (11 April 2012, yes you're getting advance copies) I'm having to devote alot of time to this and to Twitter. Quite honestly, I'd rather be writing Limited Liability (the third Jenny Parker book) but I'm doing this to see what a publisher can reasonably expect a writer to do in the cause of book promotion.
Don't get me wrong, I'm having fun and the process is an exciting one. Due Diligence is being purchased, these numbers, allied to the blog visitors, will give us all valuable information.
So, keep up the good work.
Or at least start reading the previous posts so that you're up to speed.