14 March 2012

Publish and be Damned?

So, it's written, revised, edited, rewritten and ready to go.

But where should it go?

Before the 22nd of February I was gung-ho for self-publishing.  Then I was fortunate enough to spend some time at Orion House as the guest of Gollancz. Now I want to be published by them, or another mainstream publisher.

Unfortunately this takes time, not to mention luck and perseverance.  I will own up to only one of these attributes, I wish I had more of them, but I don't.  

Getting Due Diligence in front of the right editor at the right time is the first problem.  Somehow I have to find someone longing for a gritty crime thriller about a Manchester accountant.  

If I had an agent, things might be easier but getting an agent seems to involve exactly the same process as getting a publisher.  Get my manuscript to the right agent at the right time, then let the agent find the right publisher.  All takes even more time.

I need a plan. Something that doesn't need years and years to come to fruition.  Something that involves a wide and numerous readership but allows me to get on with writing more good stuff.

Any ideas?