25 March 2013


We've been through a lot of stuff this week. Eventually we calculated that selling enough books via this blog would take, on last week's evidence, about 96 years.

So, we need a Plan B. That's assuming what we've been doing up to now is Plan A, of course.

I had planned to write this post about exactly what Plan B might look like. Something has come up, though.

Due Diligence has had a review posted on Amazon.com. That's good.

The reviewer liked the book. That's also good.

He said:

'All in all it was a good read made better by the racing dialogue...nice'

Unfortunately, he also revealed an important plot element that may spoil other people's enjoyment of the book.

Hey! Don't you dare go looking for it.

What does an author do in this situation? I expected to have to endure a bad review at some stage. I have a contingency plan for just such an event. This involves a bed, a thick duvet and several hours sobbing.

I didn't anticipate a good review that gives away too much of the plot, though.

I've emailed Amazon asking for their assistance. I've also posted a polite request as a comment on the review.

I'll let you know what happens.