1 May 2013

Due Diligence hits the bestseller charts!

It might be a little blurry but it's all I could manage by way of recording a momentous event. As Due Diligence was tearing up the bestseller charts, I was on a retreat in the Wye valley without internet access apart from an occasional dodgy mobile signal that wasn't even half a G, never mind 3G.

So that's a picture of the free charts during the promotion of Due Diligence assisted by my friend Stephen Leather. Altogether about 2500 people downloaded my book over the weekend. That made me feel so good. What's happened since has made me feel even better.

Since the free promotion finished, sales of Due Diligence have remained outstanding. As I write this, my book is 40th in the paid crime thriller charts and number 240 overall! Sorry about all the exclamation marks, but I mean...

Here's another picture. Have a look at the company Jenny Parker is keeping.
crime chart
So, book marketing lesson number one is that I need help. I'm just so fortunate to have it.