16 March 2013

Marketing Strategy Part 1

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This is the link to Due Diligence on Amazon.
Due Diligence

As you should already know, you're not supposed to click on it. 
Where have you gone? 
Oh, there you are, back safely from Amazon's voracious maw. There, I told you I'm a writer. Only writers use words like 'maw.' If heard in conversation you'd likely reply 'more what?' and a long explanation would ensue. Better to use mouth or throat or even abyss. I do like maw, though. It does the job better.

Where were we? Oh, yes. Marketing. It's probably the most important part of writing a novel. Apart from actually writing it. If nobody sees it, however good, bad or indifferent it is, it won't sell. If it's crap, however, and it does sell, nobody will come back for more of the same. So it's important that it's good or we're all wasting our time. That might seem a bit of a ramble but you get my drift, don't you?

Apart from being really really good, there's something else you must have before you even start to think about marketing.

Another book. Or, even better, several more books.

Take a look at the number underneath this blog. Yes, the big black number. It's the number of people who have looked at this blog. It includes everyone who likes it and comes back for more. Every time they come back it counts them again. There's also the ones who arrive, realise their mistake and leave as quickly. It's a decent sized number but it's not going to generate that many sales. Maybe a couple a day, I doubt it would ever reach double figures. We'll see.

Let's do a test.

Apart from this blog, we'll not do anything to promote Due Diligence for a week. Starting tomorrow, I'll be asking you to buy it and letting you know how many others do.

After that, we'll get down to the serious stuff and engage the help of professionals.

If you really do want to buy it now, I suppose that's OK. You'll get the updates automatically, so nothing is lost by having the first edition.

Here you are:


Ah, go on then.
Bless you.