14 September 2012

Proceeds of Crime

It's September 2012
I started writing in July 2007, since then I've managed to finish five novels. The latest one, Proceeds of Crime, was completed today.

Five novels, five years and one month. I'm running behind my schedule of a novel a year.
That's what writers do, we always find ways to beat ourselves up for not performing.

Proceeds of Crime is pretty damn good. It's the best novel I've ever written but it won't hold a candle to the next one. I think it's a general rule, the more I write, the better I write. It's the advice I give to anyone: Write

When I finish this blog post, I'll have a sleep then start on my next project; version 2 of Technical Difficulties with fresh, improved characters and a hero that you don't want to die quickly and painfully.

The first draft is four years old now, if it were a child it would be off to school. Time then to let it grow up.

Meanwhile, I have an interesting chicken problem. One of my new ones, Sigourney, won't go in the coop at night. Instead, she goes into the bushes and hides. When I go out to close the door, I have to coax her out, pick her up, give her a cuddle and pop her to bed. She has no problem with this arrangement but I need something a little more sensible in place before I leave the boy next door in charge while I'm away at FantasyCon.

I've bought a tiny little hen house just for her, but she won't go in there either. I've tried installing a light hoping this will entice her in but to no avail.

Last night I turned the coop around so that it faces the bushes she hides in, again she insisted on me picking her up and putting her to bed. She walked right past the light to get to me.

Any ideas?

Suggestions not involving neck wringing are welcome.