30 May 2011

The Super Human Effect

Here I am, faffing about as usual, making too little time for what I feel I need to do, too little time for what I know I want to do and almost no time at all for writing, which is who I am.

So, when my wife tells me that one of her friends has written a book and had it published and suggests that I might like to read it, I invite you to imagine the resistance I felt on so many different levels.

My ambition is to get published.

What's stopping me achieve my goal is this:

I have to revise my first drafts but don't have a mechanism in place to do it.

I rather write first drafts and feel compelled to start another one.

I have a shelf or two of books that I really do need to read. I haven't even finished The Heroes yet, how slack is that?

So, here is a friend of my wife who has somehow managed to get published and here she is offering me the opportunity to read his book.

Last night I picked it up and began reading the last chapter in order to convince myself that there was nothing here for me. I expected it to be pretty well unreadable. I was certain it would be entirely without interest.

I am writing this post quickly because I need to finish this remarkable book that immediately captivated me. It is full of honesty, it is written from the heart, it is about a man very much like myself experiencing the way that life is. I am finding it inspirational and helpful. It is about writing and life and all the best parts of the human experience. I heartily recommend it.

The Super Human Effect by Dennis Rodriguez

Meanwhile, the chickens are thriving, they have taken to sitting on my shoulders like giant parrots. The whole garden has been transformed by their presence. I am talking positively here, but there is an enormous amount of chicken poo to contend with.

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