21 March 2011


My science fiction writing is of the near future variety. In other words, I change our world just a little and speculate about the effect of these changes on people's lives. The terrible events in Japan have made our world a very different place from the one I have been writing from. The starting point has shifted dramatically.

The cataclysmic events in Japan are so extreme they are hard to believe. The graphic images that so clearly depict the devastation are themselves difficult to comprehend. I am tempted to consign them to the mental compartment I have assigned to Hollywood special effects.

The heroic efforts of the workers at Fukushima Diaiichi are quite breathtaking.

It isn't the events that touch me, it's the human experiences associated with them.

I feel guilty for being cosy and safe. I  feel sadness by imagining my own feelings if I were faced with the loss of loved ones.

As a Science Fiction writer, it is a reminder that it's people that matter more than events.  If I describe something remarkable, it must have an effect on someone's emotions for it to be interesting.  It is the human story that engages, that's what interests people.

On an unashamedly campaigning note I share the following with you.  I have mentioned Christian before and the profound positive influence he has in my own life.

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This is a wonderful way to support those in need right now, while investing in your own awakening and growth.
Christian's work is all about living life from your Heart and getting more of who you are out and letting more of others in.

Last week, Christian sold out his coaching program and filled every one of his retreats around the world for the entire YEAR of 2011.
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Go on, I dare you to.  Or are you chicken?